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Things to Remember Before Choosing Dynamic/ static Website

Mainly two types of websites are there; one is static, and another one is dynamic. Static website basically acts as basic site and it can’t be changed without developer’s editing to its source code.  Whereas, Dynamic website can easily reflect numbers of changes working on same source code.

A brief review on Dynamic and Static website:

dynamic website design

Static pages are those, which used to build a long before and HTML language is responsible to create paragraphs, adding some links, uploading some video, etc. but in such case, every change or action taken on the page remain same unless there is any change taken manually.

This is where Scripting language took the entry with lots of dynamic element, i.e. responsive element that allows transaction of data and inputs and gives random numbers of display every time. Dynamic web page has two main components; one is HTML, and another one is CSS.

Things you get from static websites

  • Static websites are easy to load
  • Very easy to maintain due to less complexity
  • Due to less weight caused by no dynamic elements, it’s easy to host and browse
  • Take less cost to develop
  • Takes less time to develop

Limitation of having static websites

  • Every time it requires a developer to update the source code to implement anything new
  • As it’s not dynamic, it becomes troublesome for a person to use it
  • After some time the content of the website needs to be changed

Why to choose Dynamic websites?

  • Dynamic websites are function oriented and promptly act as per users’ request
  • Easy to update website content using a single source code
  • New contents keep engaging existing and new people to the website.
  • Systematically allows users and staffs to cooperate.

Why to reconsider Dynamic websites?

  • Takes more Hosting cost while takes much time due to its heavy weight
  • It takes more expenses while developing

Things to remember:

static website design

Static websites, remaining static for a long period was in demand in the beginning, but the popularity of Dynamic webpage is rising to match with users’ preference. Current market demand that comes from digital marketing is looking for more responsive design of a webpage. Thus, one can easily fetch customer data and even the customer and the retailer both can upload and download contents, a retailer can view statistics on performance based on the digital marketing. However, due to advanced code and customization of a dynamic page on a single source code, it sometimes makes things complicated to handle and run correctly.

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